Consider taking a 'no alcoholiday'

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Kirsten Blackie-Gault



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Do you know how many units are in your favourite G&T, dram of whisky or glass of wine? What about the health risks associated with drinking too much alcohol? 

It can be all too easy to fall into the habit of drinking regularly, but the reality is this isn't good for your long-term health. According to Drinkaware, one in five UK adults consume above the recommended guidelines of 14 units of alcohol per week, spread over three or more days. The overwhelming majority of these people do not have a serious alcohol problem and are not dependent in any way - they simply drink a bit too much, too often. 

This month, Drinkaware has launched its Drink Free Days campaign for the second year, focusing on encouraging people to consider taking 'No Alcoholidays'. 

If you're curious about the benefits, why not try out the DrinkCompare Calculator to find out if your drinking is putting your health at risk? Drinkaware has loads of useful tools on its website, including inspiration for what you can do on your Drink Free Days. 

One of the best ways to moderate your drinking is by tracking your intake - download the free Drinkaware app to get started. You'll be able to see how many units you're consuming, how many calories are in your drinks, how much money you're spending and be able to set yourself personal goals and targets. 

For more information, visit for the facts.