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At Edrington-Beam Suntory UK, we encourage our employees to get involved with causes close to their hearts through volunteering. Every employee is entitled to one full day paid volunteering per year so they can give their time to charities, social enterprises or education initiatives they feel passionate about.

Our off-trade channel marketing manager, Eve Gorrara, recently volunteered through the IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution), supporting its Feeding Britain's Future programme by spending time at a local Glasgow school delivering a workshop to provide an insight into the world of work for the pupils. 

We have asked Eve to tell us a bit more about her experience: 

"I recently took part in an IGD programme called ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ where I volunteered to go along to Holyrood Secondary School in Glasgow. I was one of six volunteers that took part in the session facilitated by a coordinator employed by the IGD. The other volunteers in the session had a range of careers including a store manager from Sainsbury’s, two national account managers from Brakes, a learning partner from Tesco and a field sales controller from Mondelez.

"We all arrived around 8.30am and to be briefed by Richard (our Feeding Britain’s Future facilitator) who took us through the structure of the session and how many children would be involved (around 30 pupils between 13 and 14 years old). Each volunteer had the opportunity to work with all the pupils in small groups of four to five and we worked our way around the small groups changing with every new task.

"I really enjoyed the workshop – it literally flew by! Some of the questions I got asked during the tasks completely stopped me in my tracks like: 'What’s the most important skill you need to use every day at work?' , 'If you could do your career again, what would you do differently?' and 'How much time do you spend every day helping other people to learn?' - Quite profound!

"The other volunteers and I got so much out of it and it was definitely ‘food for thought’ as I walked back to the office - considering what the pupils had learnt from me but mainly how much I’d learnt from them!" 

What is the Feeding Britain’s Future programme?

  • Feeding Britain’s Future is an initiative that brings the food and grocery industry together to inspire the next generation and equip them with skills for work
  • The programmes in secondary schools bring to life the world of work, highlight the skills required to succeed in the workplace and showcase the variety of roles available in the food and grocery industry

What’s involved?

Volunteers informally share insight into their job, their experiences of work life and the skills they use. All the discussions and activities are set by the facilitator - no advance preparation is required. For more information visit the IGD website