Galliano wins big at Bibendum

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Kirsten Blackie-Gault


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The Explorer Series from Bibendum delves into the wonderful world of drinks, one category at a time. For its fourth event, it focused on liquers and invited a panel of expert bartenders to take part in a blind taste test, where well-known brands were pitched against some of their lesser-known counterparts in flights of aperitivo, maraschino, orange liqueur, herbal liqueur and coffee. 

Despite fierce competition from some major players, Galliano held its own to win gold and bronze in the ‘neat’ round for Aperitivo and Ristretto respectively.  In the cocktail round, Galliano took home the bronze with Aperitivo for the negroni serve and scored a solid silver for espresso martinis with the Ristretto.

For full details on the event and the judges' scoring, visit the Bibendum website