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Kirsten Blackie-Gault


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Highland Park has launched Cask Strength Release No.1, a unique new whisky that will become a core product for the Highland Park range. The ‘straight from the cask’ whisky, is whisky in its purest form, with no water added after maturation which gives the whisky a robust and intense flavour with a greater depth of finish.

Most whiskies are diluted prior to bottling to reduce the alcohol-by-volume (ABV) strength, typically to 40% or 43%. Cask strength is a term used to describe a whisky that has not had water added when it is bottled after maturation in casks and Highland Park Cask Strength has been created by bringing together dozens of single casks. The whisky is at full strength, straight from the cask and has only been gently filtered prior to bottling.

Gordon Motion, Highland Park Master Whisky Maker, selected and married together predominantly sherry seasoned American oak casks of different ages to create the whisky. His focus was to create a harmonious balance of flavour in the classic Highland Park style. 

Gordon Motion said: “A cask strength whisky is very much made the traditional way but it doesn’t have to be enjoyed so. Its full flavour allows you the control to discover the taste and strength that appeals to your palate by adding ice or water according to your preference.

“I want to give everyone who loves Highland Park the chance to experience our single malt whisky in its purest form by bottling ‘straight from the cask’ but allowing you to choose the strength you want to drink this special single malt.”

This whisky is the first in a line of annual batch releases which means each batch will share the same underlying character in the whisky but with different flavours coming to the fore based on the cask make-up. 

Cask Strength will be available from all the Whisky Specialist retailers including The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop and Master of Malt.