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Kirsten Blackie-Gault



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Our Rookie Programme brings together 14 bartenders from across the UK who meet every month to take part in informative and practical workshops hosted by renowned experts from across the drinks industry.

Here, David Miles, our senior whisky specialist, gives us a quick update on how the 2019/20 programme is progressing since it kicked off in July 2019:

"The Rookie Programme has been moving along at pace, with our 14 bartenders meeting up once a month for immersive sessions on different spirits and drinks categories, as well as bar techniques and other skill-sets needed to further their career within the drinks industry. Some recent highlights include:

  • Our very own whisky specialist Terri Brotherston (pictured) hosting a training session on all things gin-related, followed by Dan Warner and Nick Caputo from Ford’s gin giving a session on 'The history of gin through seven cocktails'. Plus a very fine - if somewhat messy - session on how to 'throw' a outdoor space was a requirement for that learning session!
  • Jesse Estes talking all things tequila and mescal, and an in depth look at menus – how to balance them and - very importantly for future managers and owners - how to check the GP of drinks to make sure they are profitable, not just pretty.
  • Rum supremo Paul MacFadyen and I training on the world of rum, including the joys of Brugal.
  • Visits to some of London’s top bars such as Tayer and Elementary, where owners (and industry legends) Alex Kratena and Monica Berg explained their unique concept and how to think totally differently about what a bar can be.
  • We even took them to a brewery too – many thanks to Four Pure for that one!

"Next up Amanda Humphrey, Maker's Mark UK brand diplomat, and I will be debating all things bourbon. Stay tuned for further updates."