Whisky Yearbook launched

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Katie Faulds



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The whisky category will return to growth over the coming year and, by 2022, will be worth £2.44 billion (up from £2.31 billion in 2018) according to research in our inaugural Edrington-Beam Suntory UK Whisky Yearbook.

Designed to be a guide to the trends in the UK whisky market, The Whisky Yearbook has been launched to create a comprehensive report on the key shifts in the category, as well as forecast the underlying trends and their impact.

The research shows that whisky as a whole will grow by £138 million in value in the coming three years – 6% growth over the period – and by over 200,000 cases.

Our managing director, Mark Riley, said: “Whisky is one of the most diverse and dynamic of the spirits categories. Our forecast is that it is also one that will see growth over the next three years. Bartenders and retailers tell us that whisky is a key focus for them, with plans to invest in broadening their knowledge and range, ensuring they can accommodate the increasing appetite for the spirit from consumers in both on and off-trade.

“We would like the Edrington-Beam Suntory UK Whisky Yearbook to become a vital resource to track the changes as they happen and to look at the underlying trends in the category – both as a way to understand the market today and to forecast what is to come – as well as to offer insight into how we navigate the challenges and opportunities presented to us.”

The full report can be accessed digitally at www.thewhiskyyearbook.com