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World Gin Day in on Saturday 8 June, a global celebration of all things gin-related. Here, our House of Suntory brand ambassador, James Bowker, delves into Roku, our Japanese offering that is taking the world of gin by storm...

“There is no doubt that gin has been enjoying a well-deserved moment for quite some time now, and enthusiasm for the juniper-based spirit shows no signs of abating.

“The universal love for gin is understandable – it is one of the most versatile spirits for bartenders to work with when creating new serves and whether you enjoy in neat, in a classic G&T or as an element in a more complex cocktail, there will be a gin-based drink to suit you.

“Juniper must be the base flavour for gin but after that, the possibilities are endless, and we are seeing distillers across the world becoming more and more adventurous with the botanicals they use.

“Roku by House of Suntory is a true, craft Japanese gin. Distilled and bottled in Osaka, Roku is Japanese for ‘six’ and refers to the six Japanese botanicals that are used to create the exquisitely unique flavour profile. In addition to traditional gin ingredients such as juniper, angelica root and bitter orange peel, Roku also features sakura flower, sakura leaf, sencha tea, gyokuro tea, sansho pepper and yuzu peel, with each botanical harvested at the peak of its season and distilled separately to extract the very best, deep flavour.

“Not only is the liquid outstanding, the Roku bottle is a wonderful hexagonal shape with each of the six Japanese botanicals artfully embossed onto the glass. The bottle label is printed on washi, a traditional Japanese paper, reflecting the craftmanship and heritage of the brand.

“Perfect for a huge variety of cocktails, my personal favourite way to enjoy Roku is in a simple serve with thinly sliced ginger, ice and tonic – the ideal complement to this truly beautiful gin.”

For more information on Roku and the House of Suntory family, click here.