Served and celebrated at the spectacular opening of the Eiffel Tower in 1889, Courvoisier's selection of cognacs boasts a celebration of exuberant, rich and complex aromas.

Courvoisier V.S. (Very Special)

A youthful and lovely blend of cognac delivering a spectrum of sensations. Delicious with simple mixers like ginger ale and perfect for creating mouth-watering cocktails and punches. A blend of several crus aged between three and seven years, composed primarily of Fins Bois with a balancing hand of Petite Champagne. The fusion of younger and older cognacs gives Courvoisier vs fruity, delicate taste and a bouquet filled with ripe fruit and spring flowers. 

  • Appearance: Golden, light amber
  • Nose: Rich, fresh and oaky, with the vigour of a young cognac
  • Palate: Intensely aromatic and flavourful, with a fruity delicate taste

Courvoisier V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale)

This skilfully crafted cognac is a blend of several crus with a perfect balance between Fins Bois, Grande and Petite Champagne, at the peak of their aromatic potential.

The result is an exquisitely balanced cognac with notes of peach and toasted almonds with the gentle hint of vanilla and jasmine.

  • Appearance: Golden yellow and amber
  • Nose: Notes of peach, toasted almonds and jasmine
  • Palate: Delicate balance of oak and exotic flavours

Courvoisier X.O. (Extra Old)

Recognised as one of the finest XOs in the world, XO is a very old blend of fine and well matured cognac.

A selection by the master blender of matured eaux de vie, aged from 11 to 25 years, to highlight the complexity and richness of cognac aromas.

Intensely aromatic and flavourful, with a velvety texture and aromatic bouquet, laced with hints of crème brûlée, candied orange and iris flower.

  • Appearance: Golden amber
  • Nose: Hints of crème brûlée, candied orange & iris flower
  • Palate: Intensely flavourful, with hints of orange and notes of vanilla and caramel

As you would expect from the brand that toasted the Grand Opening of the Eiffel Tower in 1889, Courvoisier is the perfect choice to celebrate your achievements.

Making Courvoisier is a delicate blend of art and science that combines old techniques with new technologies.