House of Suntory

Founded in 1899 by Shinjiro Torii, House of Suntory represents the rich Japanese culture, a pilgrimage to Japan in every bottle.

Haku Vodka

Haku is a sophisticated Japanese craft vodka injecting a different approach to the category through innovative ingredients and processes. Haku means “white” and refers to the Japanese white rice that is the origin of the liquid. Haku can also mean “brilliant” – a tribute to the craft of mastering a clear, clean, and luminous vodka.

The rice is polished to illuminate unwanted flavour from the husk and bran, resulting in sweet and flavorful white rice.

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Roku Gin

ROKU is the premium Japanese craft gin created by House of Suntory in Osaka, Japan. A truly authentic and delicate gin, carefully crafted by Japanese artisans with skilful precision and meticulous attention to detail, each ROKU botanical is harvested in accordance with the Japanese concept of shun,  the tradition of enjoying  each ingredient at its best, only harvested once they have reached  the peak of flavour and perfection. Six Japanese botanicals - Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Sencha tea, Gyokuro tea, Sansho pepper and Yuzu - are infused, distilled and blended with traditional gin botanicals to create a perfect balance.

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Suntory Whisky Toki

Toki means “time” in Japanese. It’s a concept rich in meaning the world over, but particularly in Japan where respect for tradition and reinvention sparks a powerful creative energy. Inspired by that interplay, Suntory Whisky Toki brings together old and new, a vivid blend of whiskies from Suntory’s Hakushu, Yamazaki and Chita distilleries. A unique pairing of Hakushu American white oak cask malt whisky with Chita single grain whisky overturns the traditional hierarchy between malt and grain, giving Suntory Whisky Toki its silky taste, vivid character and bold inventiveness.

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Chita - Single Grain Whisky

Grand, reposed and tranquil, Chita is the first single grain whisky from House of Suntory. Like the misty, calm seas of the Chita Peninsula on a day of

elegant stillness, this airy whisky has a presence that is unmistakably serene.

To imbue greater complexity and depth of flavour, Chita is aged in wine and Spanish Oak casks, in addition to the tried and true American White Oak casks. The result is a milder, smoother grain whisky with unparalleled sophistication and a clean, clear finish.

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Hakushu - Single Malt Whisky

From Suntory’s mountain forest distillery, nestled deep in Mt. Kaikomagatake, Hakushu is the fresh and gently smoky single malt whisky with herbal notes that is the revelation of Japanese single malts. Straight from the untouched forests, mountains and pure waters of Japan’s Southern Alps, its crisp and vibrant feel, unique in a single malt, enlivens and liberates your senses.

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Hibiki - Single Malt Whisky

Embodying the soul of Japanese craftsmanship, this harmonious blend resounds with calm complexity and “Wa,” oneness. A harmonious combination of malt and grain whiskies which are meticulously blended to create a full orchestra of flavours and aromas. Hibiki is not only Japan’s most highly awarded blended whisky, but also among the most prestigious and honoured whiskies in the world.

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Yamazaki - Single Malt Whisky

House of Suntory’s flagship single malt, multi-layered with fruit and Mizunara aromas. From Yamazaki was born the surprising, delicate yet profound experience of a Japanese single malt. Spiritual and deep, its signature multi-layered taste is highly praised by whisky connoisseurs all over the world. Today, Yamazaki is the No.1 single malt whisky in Japan and enjoyed in more than 35 countries.


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Shinjiro dreamed of crafting an authentic Japanese whisky, building the country’s first malt whisky distillery in Yamazaki in 1923. This passion for creating quintessentially Japanese spirits laid the foundation for House of Suntory, which applies the philosophy of ‘Yatte Minahare’ – ‘go for it’ – to challenge conventions and introduce quality spirits to the world.