The 10 Year Old is the original Laphroaig, distilled the same way today as when Ian Hunter invented it more than 75 years ago. It is the foundation of all other Laphroaig expressions. In making Laphroaig, malted barley is dried over a peat fire. The smoke from this peat, found only on Islay, gives Laphroaig its particularly rich flavour. Those enjoying the 10 Year Old will first notice the bold, smoky taste, followed by a hint of seaweed and a surprising sweetness.

Laphroaig 10 Year Old

Commonly regarded as the icon of the range. Distilled the same way today as it was 75 years ago when it was first crafted. Awarded the Royal Warrant by HRH The Prince Of Wales in 1994 which continues today.


  • Cask make up: Aged in ex-bourbon casks for a minimum of 10 years
  • Appearance: Sparkling gold
  • Nose: Smoke, seaweed, a hint of sweetness
  • Palate: Islay peat smoke, full and earthy, tangy salt laden air, an echo of sweetness at the end, unforgettable
  • Finish: Very long

Laphroaig Quarter Cask

A premium finish of Laphroaig, with softer peat and richer spice. Creating a soft and velvety edge to complement Laphroaig’s distinctive ‘peatiness’. Offers an irresistible doubling of flavour, due to double maturation in two barrels made of American oak.


  • Cask make up: Still-maturing whisky from standard ex-bourbon barrels is transferred to quarter casks, allowing the maturing spirit 30% more contact with the wood and left to rest
  • Appearance: Sparkling gold
  • Nose: Initial peat smoke underlined by hints of sweetness
  • Palate: Rich peat smoke, alternating with a gentle sweetness, just a hint of salt
  • Finish: Very long

Laphroaig Select

An exquisite Laphroaig with our trademark ‘peat reek’ matched by an additional layer of complexity and depth brought about by the fusion of the maturation styles and different oaks. With spirit selected from Quarter Cask, PX Cask and Triple Wood (Oloroso sherry) and a final addition of 10 Year Old, represents a subtle blending of peat, oak and sweetness.

  • Cask make up: Carefully selected casks of each of our key styles. Mostly historic styles with one notable addition: the heart of the spirit is drawn from a final maturation in American oak casks.
  • Appearance: Full sparkling gold
  • Nose: Burning embers of peat in a crofter’s fireplace, hints of coconut and banana aromas Palate: Deep, complex and smoky yet offers and surprises the palate with a gentle sweetness
  • Finish: Really long, dry with smoke and spice

Laphroaig Triple Wood

An extension of the Quarter Cask expression and is special for its triple maturation. Creates a unique blend of our signature peat-smoked liquid with softer notes of fruit and spices.


  • Cask make up: First maturing in ex-bourbon barrels, second maturation in quarter casks and then a third maturation in European oak casks previously used for Oloroso sherry. This final stage allows for a slow maturation – all leading to a soft, complex and fully rounded flavour.
  • Appearance: Natural colour. Full sparkling gold
  • Nose: Sweet raisins and creamy apricots, nuttiness, bonfire ash and earthy peat
  • Palate: Creamy flavours of vanilla and fruit, with a suggestion of sherry sweetness
  • Finish: Mouth-filling and extremely long, balanced by a sweet smooth caramel taste

Laphroaig Lore

Since 1815 each Laphroaig distillery manager has been the custodian of the craft to make the richest single malt in the world. Over the years each has passed on their skills and traditions to the next generation to continue this legacy. Distillery manager John Campbell has created Lore, a rich, peaty Laphroaig like no other.


  • Cask make up: A complex marriage of rare whiskies, matured in batches, in five unique casks: first fill ex-bourbon casks, virgin European oak hogsheads, ex-Laphroaig casks, American oak refill quarter casks and second fill Oloroso sherry hogsheads.
  • Appearance: Deep mahogany
  • Nose: Rich and smoky with seaside minerals, a hint of ash and bitter chocolate. Vanilla follows with oily unroasted chestnuts and hint of fudge with a malty sweetness. A drop of water adds a clotted cream note with citrus fruit
  • Palate: Richly peaty with a spicy chilli bite
  • Finish: Short dry finish and a long sweet aftertaste

Renowned for being the world's richest single malt Scotch, Laphroaig's award-winning family of whiskies consists of a selection of Core, Travel Retail and Rare expressions. Each the end result of a spirit matured in a range of different woods and casks, and the product of a 200 year old tradition of unique whisky making.