Naked Malt

Convention said that blended malt got its flavour from bourbon casks, used again and again. This got us thinking… What if instead, we used first fill sherry casks to add another layer of rich and fruity flavour to our malts? It didn’t just work, it was a joyful exuberance of flavour that changed the possibilities of whisky enjoyment.

Whisky at its most uncomplicated

Blended malts are introduced to sherry seasoned casks and left for a minimum of six months or when we are happy that it is ready. We give it a quick chill filter, then bottle the liquid as Naked Grouse.

Some say it has dark rich fruits and a soft spice finish, and that may well be true. We think it is delicious and simply made to be enjoyed.

  • Appearance: Full golden, clear & bright
  • Nose: Well balanced oak, sherry with a citrus hint
  • Palate: Medium full flavour, mature, Speyside fruitiness
  • Finish: Good length, clean & medium dry
  • Appearance: Deep russet, clear and bright
  • Nose: Buttery toffee, malty, orchard fruits

Hats off (and everything off!) to Naked Malt, for taking a liberating leap into the unknown.