The Famous Grouse

Scotland's favourite Scotch whisky was created in 1896 by Matthew Gloag, whose signature is still printed on every bottle of The Famous Grouse sold today.

The Famous Grouse

Contains some of the finest Scotch malt whiskies including The Macallan, The Glenrothes and Highland Park, as well as sweet grain whisky. A high proportion of ex-sherry casks used in The Famous Grouse blend which helps to create a smooth and well-rounded dram.
Blended with the highest level of skill and expertise by master blender, Kirsteen Campbell.

  • Appearance: Full golden, clear & bright
  • Nose: Well balanced oak, sherry with a citrus hint
  • Palate: Medium full flavour, mature, Speyside fruitiness
  • Finish: Good length, clean & medium dry

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black

A blend with a higher proportion of peated malts giving it a distinctive smoky flavour. A high quality smoky blend from the UK’s most recognised and trusted whisky.
Smoky Black can provide a commercially attractive option to add smoke to cocktails.

  • Appearance: Dark, russet golden, clear and bright
  • Nose: Smoky, soft, musky, rich and full
  • Palate: Full flavour, spice and dried fruits, smoke through the oak, with all The Famous Grouse smoothness
  • Finish: Long, smoky and aromatic

The Famous Grouse Bourbon Cask

Cask series uses different types of casks to create smooth blends with distinctive character and style. Made with whisky mostly aged in American oak, including bourbon casks. A deliciously smooth blend with a layer of caramel and vanilla sweetness.

  • Appearance: Pale golden, bright blend
  • Nose: Fragrant, with hints of caramel and slightly honeyed
  • Palate: Vanilla ice-cream, toasted coconut and citrus peel
  • Finish: Sweet soft oak finish


The Famous Grouse Ruby Cask

Cask series uses different types of casks to create smooth blends with distinctive character and style. Made by resting our classic, smooth blend in specially selected casks seasoned with Port. This resting in Port casks adds a layer of rich sweetness, just like a good fruitcake

  • Appearance: Dark copper, golden blend
  • Nose: Soft, toasty vanilla with a hint of spice (cinnamon and cloves)
  • Palate: Mellow with fruit cake and soft oak note
  • Finish: Rich and smooth finish

This is a philosophy that’s been at the heart of our business since 1800. Founder Matthew Gloag sought out the employees and suppliers with the perfect blend of skills and expertise. And it was these people who came together to create the Grouse brand. His vision was simple: to create the best quality blended whisky.

Over time, his brand grew in popularity and was eventually renamed “The Famous Grouse”.  Today, the brand still has a firm foot in our origins. Famous Grouse still bring together the finest grains, pure Scottish water and carefully seasoned sherry and bourbon casks to create our uniquely rich, rounded and sweet whisky.

A whisky Famous For A Reason the world over.